Robert Lehmann

I am a German economist and CESifo Affiliate with business cycle forecasting as my main research topic. After finishing my Doctoral Thesis (Dr. rer. pol., German PhD equivalent) in 2015, I am currently working as a Post-Doc Researcher at the ifo Institute in Munich.


Besides doing research on questions concerning economic forecasting, I am interested in macroeconomics, political economy and migration. From a methodological point of view, I am familiar with time series analysis, spatial and panel econometrics.


With my website I want to keep you informed on my future, current and past research. If you are interested in my research or in cooperations, please feel free to contact me.



New German speaking article "Import-adjusted demand side components of German GDP" (together with T. Wollmershäuser) available here.


The paper "An Elo ranking for Economics Journals" (together with K. Wohlrabe) has been accepted for publication in the Economics Bulletin.


New Working Paper "Forecasting GDP all over the World: Evidence from Comprehensive Survey Data" (together with J. Garnitz and K. Wohlrabe) available here.


New Working Paper "An Elo Ranking for Economics Journals" (together with

K. Wohlrabe) available here.


The paper "Who is the 'Journal Grand Master'? A new ranking based on the Elo rating system" (together with K. Wohlrabe) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Informetrics.